IP Due Diligence

Investing in technology can enhance the value of your patent portfolio, but doing so without conducting due diligence is like driving at night without headlights – the inability to perceive hazards can result in devastating results. Understanding the risks before you invest in a technology or buy a company enhances the likelihood that your efforts will add value and avoid disaster.

Determining the scope of the target’s IP portfolio, and confirming IP ownership are critical aspects of intelligent IP investment. At Slavitt IP Law, our experience in evaluating intellectual property enables you to make informed decisions and invest with confidence.  We also understand that IP acquisitions take place under real-world constraints of time and money, so we structure our due diligence to prioritize the most important and determinable issues.  And when clear answers are unavailable, we provide actionable risk assessments to help you maximize the return on your IP investments.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Your trade secrets are valuable.  At Slavitt IP Law, we can help you protect your trade secrets and confidential business information with non-disclosure agreements tailored to the situations in which disclosures need to be made – to employees, contractors, strategic partners, and in connection with M&A activities. 

IP Licensing

License agreements allow you to temporarily transfer some or all of your IP rights to others while still controlling the underlying IP assets. Obtaining a license can also provide a mechanism for lawfully practicing an invention covered by another’s patent. At Slavitt IP Law, we draft license agreements designed to accomplish your business goals while minimizing risk and safeguarding your IP.

IP Assignments

Like other forms of property, intellectual property rights can be bought and sold.  At Slavitt IP Law, we can help you document and record the transfer of your IP rights.