Infringement Analysis

Infringement of your IP rights can diminish the value of your intellectual property.  Patent infringement can deprive you of profits and royalties, and unchecked trademark infringement can result in the loss of your trademark rights.  At Slavitt IP Law, we can evaluate potential infringements and develop a range of options for enforcement of your rights.

Demand Letters

When infringements occur, one of the most common responses is to send a demand letter.  But not all demand letters are taken seriously.  At Slavitt IP Law, we know how to draft persuasive demand letters that offer reasonable solutions backed by credible threats of harsh legal consequences.

IP Monetization

Infringed patents represent opportunities for monetization.  At Slavitt IP Law, we employ a range of strategies to unlock the value of your infringed patents that include licensing, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution procedures.

IP Litigation

The resolution of IP disputes can sometimes be negotiated.  But when negotiation is not possible or the parties are unwilling to come to agreement, litigation can be your only option.  At Slavitt IP law, we provide cost-effective, practical solutions to enforce your IP rights and minimize risk through litigation.